REFramework Arguments

Under the framework we call the Process.xaml file and pass the required arguments. In my Process.xaml, I will throw system exceptions. I have just noticed that my in/out arguments don’t get sent back to main if I throw an exception. Can somebody confirm if this is the case/intended?

Could I work around this by setting continue on error to True when calling the Process.xaml file?

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Hi @mkkajtez,

Have you made any custom changes in the framework.


Hey @mkkajtez

Ofcourse that’s the right behaviour.

All the out arguments doesn’t get returned since the code stopped due to system exception.

If you still want to get the output you can do it by two ways,

  1. You can use Exception.Data property to store values when throwing exception which can carry some data in key value pairs

  2. Else you can use reference type IN arguments which will obviously help you to get the argument data in the outer variable which you passed as value to in argument (Even through the argument is intended for out, we are setting as in)

Hope this helps