Why Out-Argument not having value if we get any Business Exception?

I was throwing a business exception in process.xaml, assigning a file path to out argument before throw,

As per my process requirement, I want to send an attachment in mail if i get any BE, so to attach the file i need that argument value in catch state so i can assigned attachment file path as that argument value.

when I try so and verify I’m getting blank value in Out_argument?

can someone explain to me why this is happening?

also, I have checked with directions of argument all are in place

Hy, make sure you do not have variables and arguments with the same name, it already happened to me. This issue should raise an error flag by UiPath.

Thanks willianm…all arguments are unique…

@Omkar_Deshmukh - pls check
1- check at what point is your value assign to out argument and what point is BE throwing
2- search for out argument - anywhere it is assigning/ser with values
3- in BE exception section log the out argument and check the value is assigned correctly.

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any update/ solution for this issue? I am also getting same issue.
in Process.xaml I have many out arguments. If Business exception occurs, all values are null when it comes out from Process.xaml.