Parsing arguments from process to Rule Exception


I’m trying to parse varaiable from a process, that’s triggered by throw and done the following:
Created an out-argument, imported that to process.xaml, imported arguments to process transactions and added a send Outlook mail activity in the Rule exception sequence.

The problem is that the variable doesn’t have any information, and I suspect it’s because of the arguments was updated before the throw was triggered.

Is there any way to update arguments after the process as initiated? Am I trying to solve this problem the wrong way? Suggestions?

Thanks for taking a gander at the issue!

Are you assigning the values to be passed inside the workflow to use it further? @fh9090



When ever we are throwing an exception back to the main file or file where it is invoked. it will only pass the exception details and it won’t pass Out arguments.

If you want pass data along with exception then use“variablename”)=value.


So if I understand this correctly, both you and @HareeshMR have pointed out two possible and different solutions to the problem.
I tried passing the variable to an argument, but since framework has invoked the arguments in the workflow already, that could be the reason why the variable is empty when trying to send email from Set Transaction Status workflow.

@Sreelatha278, I’ll try your solution and report back if it was a success, thank you!