Get all items of a list box


I would like to know if there is a mean to get a list of all the items of a list box or combo box ?

How to select item that starts with a string

Cannot check now but maybe GetAttributes?


Moved it to challenges: 6.RPA Challenge - Retrieve items from a combobox


Hey @nicolas.roussel

Please go through with this link :slight_smile:


How to click the Region by Rectang

I can’t download the solution.
I Obtain error 502 : bad gateway…


Please go through that link and then try to download i m not getting.



I follow the link, I try to download the last “RPA Challenge-6.xaml” but I can’t.
I get the previous error “502 : bad gateway” for all files to download.
Maybe our firewall…


yeah network problem any other files you are able to download?

you can connect with your personal Network as well :slight_smile:



Hi @aksh1yadav
What is “aaname” refers here?


Here aaname is represents here the element value same property you will see
in html value attribute. So the text. Or value you are seeing in html
elements will known as here with aaname property so by using “Get
Attribute” activity you are getting that value with aaname property.


“aaname” is the name of the combox element used in HTML,so we are giving combo-box element id as input to “Get attribute activity”,am i right?


did u try “select item” activity. :slight_smile:


Yeah and for more better understanding try with “UI Explorer” and see the different attributes and properties of elements.



Thanks for your reply @aksh1yadav


Tutorial for this can be found here