How to get aaname from UiElement

Hello All,

First, I use Find Children ‘SELECT’ to get item from Select.

The UiElement item looks like this:

2020-06-29 164635

I would like to get the aaname from the item in For Each activity. I try to use Get Attribute Activity. I set Target->Element as item. However it failed.

The error is as follows:
Get Attribute: Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.

Really appreciate on how to solve this.

it could be the case that one of the clicks made the uielements invalid.
Check if for the first item the aaname is retrieved by doing it like following:
set breakpoint on Get Attribute and debug
when it stops the go to watch box and type in following expression: item.


Hi ppr,

Thanks for quickly replying. I follow your idea, and the result is as follows:

Cannot evaluate ‘item.Get(“aaname”).ToString’ at current context.

ensure that the it is properly entered into the body. add a second watch expression with dumping out the item only. Check for each type argument if it is set to uiElement

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