Generate Yearly Report - transaction item doesnt recognize

In don’t really inderstand what i need to do that’s why i prefer to wait your workflow

I see that the SetTransactionStaut is already in my process
where i need to put this exactly plz ?

Hi ,Please see the general set transaction status xaml file that is generated with all the reframework projects.
SetTransactionStatus.xaml (40.3 KB)
You have deleted some activities from this xaml file,Insted of deleting you can comment the activities that you don’t require.
You can see a sequence increment transaction index this is where transaction number get incremented

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i added the good process but nothing changed

Can you show the import argument panel where we invoke the set transaction status workflow.
Can you check whether all the arguments are passed correctly

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here :

I can see you are giving value of in_TransactionItem as Nothing here can you please change that to TransactionItem

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i have an issue here

Hi ,I got the issue it’s because u haven’t given the values for in_SystemException and in_BusinessRuleException ,you can change the in_transactionItem back to nothing as it’s a string only and not a queue item.

I also commented some queue dependend actions in the set transaction status workflow.
Attaching the flow for ur reference (8.0 MB)
The process worked for me

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it works thank you

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