Assignment 2 (yearly report): error in the solution documents?

Just an observation, I as a beginner was bit puzzled -

Both short and full solution documents of 2nd assignment (yearly report) say:
“Open the Process.xaml file in the Framework folder. It can be found in the Process Transaction state.
o Add an Attach Browser activity and indicate the WorkItems page of the System1 ACME application.
o Use a Click activity to select the processing page number using the same dynamic selector to identify the current page (in_TransactionNumber argument).”

This is where I think it needs to say “in_TransactionItem” instead.

Cheers, Udayan


It’s not error bro.

Here, we are using TransactionNumber as our TransactionItem. Just, we have to assign TransactionNumber to TransactionItem.

Indeed, but this assignment (out_TransactionItem = in_TransactionNumber) takes place in ‘Get Transaction Data’ state because the page number itself is the transaction item. The Process state (Process.xaml) has in_TransactionItem as input which rightly holds the page number. Hence my question.

Can someone explain this to me? I wrote “” but it gives me an error. It says in_transactionNumber is not declared. What do I do?