Assignment 2 save as selector create yearly report

please i need help i spent 3 days just on the save as selector not working i did everything in my life :frowning: not working at all please help , i tried as many said to press f2 and then select the save as button not working . i tried to copy past from other solutions also not working , i tried to record as web or basic not working also , i tried everything pleeeease helpSystem1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (34.7 KB)

Hi @alialroomi ,
is your send window message checkbox checked for your click activity?

no its not ! only simulate click is checked

try send window message instead of simulate click

still the same man :frowning: its killing me i swear

still like this :sob:

Can you add 2000ms on DelayBefore of the click activity (save as) and uncheck both send window message and simulate click

I’ve tried this now and it’s working. Try it

same thing :frowning: unfortunately its not working ams really sorry for bothering but really i do need help its killing me

Where have you stuck?

in sava-as selector not seeing it , i have tried everything you can find the createreport attached above , i really do appreciate your help

this is the error

Hi @alialroomi

There you go I have edited that particular part where you were facing issues, you can merge yours into this or this into yours :slight_smile:

System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (34.3 KB)

Working perfectly at my end



many thanks bro its worked but i have other issues now i will check them and let you know :slight_smile: many thanks again .

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hey bro sorry again , but after download its took long time to download other file !

Check this thread:

System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (34.8 KB)

i just make sure all what you advise and still the same !, here is my file

i solve it by replacing most of click activity to Simulate Clicking and waitforready by none and this solve my issue many thanks bro


Yup thats what you had to do :slight_smile:

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thanks bro :slight_smile:

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in Create Yearly Report, Element Exist part is working fine for the first time however, when it selects second month, selector changes to Invalid.

Attached is my workflow. can someone help and tell what is the errorSystem1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (31.6 KB)