Create Yearly Report - Download Report taking time to click the "Save As" Button

Has anyone encountered this before?

Running through Generate Yearly Report / Create_YearlyReport and am having an issue where once the Download Report button gets pushed it is taking some time for the program to click the SaveAs button. At first, I thought it might be that it was something to to with my wait for ready’s but I’ve played with them to the point that I know it’s not them. No delays, no nothing. Then I put some actual delays in between to see if that would help trigger the process and nothing. I’ve narrowed it down to right after the click download report as I have put message boxes in-between each activity. It makes no sence because when it does get pushed the element does appear, it just wants to wait forever to push. Any help on this would be great.

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Set WaitForReady field to Complete and also check SimulateType or SendWindowMessage fields in properties of that Click activity and then try once.


if it does not work, add a snippets delay before your element exist

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I’ll try all these once I get off the road. Thanks to you both!

@lakshman @MythicGold
Sorry to say that neither of these worked. Any other options?

forward me that particular xaml file

before that try set the delaybefore to 900 and see (for ur click dropdown save

Here it is in it’s current config. As you’ll notice some things I’ve been trying.

System1_Create_YearlyReport.xaml (39.5 KB)

@BotMonkey try this on ur part and tell me the result

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Negative on the delaybefore

did your click month work? check after assign report path

also can you try on element appear and replace that element exist?


Sorry it took so long. Was trying to implement each of those. Unfortunately I came up with nothing.

else remove the element exist

I may have broke ACME lol


Significant decrease on the delay. Still about a 2 to 3 second wait. But it is still much better than the 8 to 10 that I had. I’m wondering where this is coming from. Let me spend some time comparing the two to see where the issue might be. If I can’t find it, I’ll mark your xaml as a solution lol :rofl:

report here if u find any

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