Generate Yearly Report preformer

when i execute Generate Yearly Report performer ,moving from one step to another that take a lot of time , why ?
can any one help me ?


Check Simulate property. It should be checked. Also check if u used any delay time activity in ur code

I didn’t use any delay
Simulate prperty i put it as pdf file !!
Can yoy explain to me about Simulate prperty!!

  1. Default - it uses the mouse and keyboard drivers to simulate a human operating them. It works every time, but with a few downsides, like speed and the requirement to have the application active. So it’s a good idea to start with this method to make sure everything works, and then change it to one of the other 2 methods.
  2. S imulate Type/Click - it is the fastest and works in the background, but it does not support keyboard shortcuts. Uses the technology of the target app to simulate the type or click.
  3. Window Messages - converts all text to lowercase, it cannot empty a field before writing to it and it is not particularly fast. It sends a specific message directly to the target application to perform the specified action.

Please see the link

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