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Hi I encounter error if I do not choose False for ClickbeforeTyping, EmptyField, SendWindowMessage, Simulate under Options in Properties Panel. Can anyone explain why so? Thankyou

We don’t know what you are trying to do. so please elaborate more so anyone can help you. You can always zip the workflow to simulate the error and be able to help you more.

Hi friend

You need to always select 1 method of activity.
Click should most often be simulate click - but it depends on what you need to do :slight_smile:

Look up some articles about simulate or sendwindowmessages :slight_smile:

Tldr: activate simulate on click avtivities and type Into activities

HI @yodeedee

From the options simulate type, send window message, we can use only one option at a time. Which option to use? it depends on the scenario that you are in. If it is a web application that you are automating, most of the time, simulate type will work. if it is a desktop application, it would be send window message…

However, enabling these will also effect in the way the robot interacts with the application. So make sure to test them properly…
Additionally, click before typing of a type into activity is a always a good option to have in any scenario. IT will just basically perform a click without a click activity just before typing…

Do you face any errors in using this property?

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Hi Everyone, @mozahra @JDK @Lahiru.Fernando !
Thanks for replying and trying to help!

My workflow
Selectors_WorkingwWildCard.xaml (11.5 KB)

Doc required to run the workflow
Letter_02062018.txt (3.9 KB)

As I followed the instructions in UiPath Academy Solution for this practice question, for the Type Into Activity, they chose False for ClickbeforeTyping, EmptyField, SendWindowMessage, Simulate under Options in Properties Panel.

I do not understand why. Thankyou so much.

I Tried your app and its working for me with no issues.

1-The emptyfield is set to false because always the crlt+H will rest the field named “Find what” for you. so no need to make emtpy again.
2- clickbeforetyping is set to false because the focus of the field is already set after clicking crlt+H each time so no need to click it again.
3- You are using the default method so the sendwindows message and the simulate type is set to false.

Hope this helps.

Hi mozahra! Thank you for the explanation, I understand now. Just another quick question. I tried to leave these Option Function as empty but there will be error. What does it mean when I leave them empty? Will the functions of these ‘Options’ run automatically as True?

for me it didn’t give any error when i changed all of them to empty.

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