Generate Yearly Report for Vendor - Download Monthly Report

Hi all,

I have problem with selectors in Assignment 2 Generate Yearly Report for Vendor when I need to select Year in the drop-down list, also the same problem I have with Months.

Please, can somebody help me, what is the problem with this selector?

You haven’t mentioned whats the problem, my guess is selector is dynamic hence not working.
You can try click image.

In your selector you have " marks which are coming in as &quot, which is what is confusing the process and throwing errors. Also, the css class is not a good selector to use as it contains lots of special characters.

You need to bring the selector in as a string to get round this:

“<webctrl aaname=’”+in_Year+"’>" should work if you paste it into the properties section on the right of the screen

This is the error which I get.

"Click ‘SPAN’ : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: "

in_Year variable I set to 2017…

I set it like this, but still nothing. Maybe the problem is with IE11

This is still as a selector, so when you save might still change to &quot??

Could you try and copy that into the selector box on the right of you screen in the properties pane, and put quotes before and after it, see if that helps?

Problem is when I put “in_Year” in selector box, UiPath studio automatically puts &quot ; instead of " in a code of selector :thinking:

If you edit it in this box it should not change:


This will mean next time you open the expression editor it will show a box such as this:


Which will keep the “” as such, and not &quot.

Let me know if this works,


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I made it… Now it’s okay… Probably that is a bug in UiPath studio, because it’s stupid to change it like that…

Thanks a lot!


Use Click image