Generate Yearly Report - in_Year in selector



Hi Guys,

Need your advice on this one. Whenever I include aaname=’"+in_Year+"’ on the selector and run the workflow, it keeps on saying the element is not found. Is there another way to have aaname activated on the editor? Please see captured error below:

Click ‘BUTTON’ : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: ",

thank you in advance.



Instead of adding the aaname in directly in the selector, assign a variable to “aaname=’” + in_Year + “’” and then use that variable in your selector. I believe only * and ? can be added directly in the selector.


Hi @tmays
Use * symbol for aa name



Hi @AshwinS2, I think @Iyce_Winsoft wants to use a variable (in_Year) in his selector. * can be used in a selector but don’t think it will help him locate the target he’s looking for.


Hi All,

Thank you for the response.

When I use the aaname=’—’, it recognize the element. however, when you change it to in_Year, throws an error saying the element is not found. I remember something similar to this case from the security hash assignment. I’ll try to dig on this. Also, I try the suggested wildcards.

Again, thank you all.


@Iyce_Winsoft Am I correct in assuming in_Year is a variable?


HI @Iyce_Winsoft,

Can you share me the full selector

variable type/?
If In_Year is integer variable use ‘In_Year.ToString’



yes, in_Year is a string type variable.


@Iyce_Winsoft did you get this resolved?

Look at the attached workflow. You can assign the selector using your in_Year variable to another variable and then use it as your selector in whatever activity you’re using.

in_Year Selector.xaml (6.3 KB)



@tmays I will try your example. I’ll let you know if I get some results. thank you very much for your help.


Hello @Iyce_Winsoft,
I’ve been struggling with this the last hour. Apparently it’s a bug that happens if you open the “Selector Editor” and try to insert “” into it. The ‘" +in_Year+"’ will be converted to &quote; +in_Year+ &quote; instead, resulting in the error.

So do not press this button!

If you have done that, click the activity and reset the selector using the “Indicate on screen” again.

Instead you want to edit the selector inside the “Properties” pane.
Right here:

I hope this helps.


Hey @Iyce_Winsoft have you done this error with click button for in_Year?
How do you set the selector ? Coz i’m facing this error too. Can you show me how to set the selector and how to set the dynamic selector ?


Hi Everyone,

Sorry. It’s been a while.

@stevengoehler - Yes, you’re right

Please use ‘"+in_Year+"’ inside your selector as Steven mention on his post. Also to add up somthing, try to include idx=‘1’ or tag=‘A’ at the end of the selector the for selecting the month. Let me know if you need help on this.