Generate Yearly Report (Level 3) - Transaction Item

Creating the dispatcher for the Generate Yearly Report by following the walkthrough document, and it mentions that I should make sure the arguments for TransactionItem are consistent with the TransactionItem variable in the Main File as System.String. But, when I go to the “GetTransactionData” Workflow, I am getting an error when I change the argument to System.String. How do I clear this error and why is it happening? Please refer to the screenshot.


For the dispatcher you can remove the ‘Get Transaction Item’ activity.

Hope this helps

The problem is that TransactionItem must be QueueItem not String. This usually taken from Queue from Orchestrator (


If you are using orchestrator Queue then only you have to use Get Transaction Item Activity and also also transactionItem should be of type UIpath.Core.QueueItem

If you are not using orchestrator Queues then delete that Activity and specify transactionItem based on input processing TransacionData.

For example, If TransacionData is of type DataTable then transactionItem should be of type DataRow.

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