Generate yearly report assignment - executing speed problem from second work item

Hello everyone!
I’m working on the Advanced training - generate yearly report.
I’m trying to finish performer part, but unfortunately having an executing speed issue from second work item.
I didn’t notice any problem while execute the first workitem.
Last time I got this message: “On Element Appear ‘Report has downloaded’: Activity timeout exceeded”
Can anyone help me with the above problem please?

Your selector is probably set up in a way that only works for the first transaction item. Check if your selector is valid when you get to the second item, and if it is not, debug the selector so it will work in all transaction cases. This will either require removing selectors which can change from page to page, or using a variable to make the selector dynamic.

That said, the process should work if you follow the walkthrough exactly as written. Make sure this is the case, or the automatic grading system will fail the project.