My 2nd assignment of Advanced learning course is executing too slowly

Hey all, I want help,
I am working on Generate yearly report assignment and while executing it is taking too much time, around 15 mins for 1 transaction.
In particular, system1_CreateYearlyReport taking too much time to execute. I think while reading the pop-up message of “No report found for this vendor it is taking too much time” and also taking time in clicking save as option while downloading monthly reports.
I have tried setting WaitForReady = None and also checked the SimulateClick option but nothing changed.
Can someone please help?

Hi @arpitsharma1.sharma
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I think for pop up element exist activity is used. Did u try to reduce the time (timeout) of element exists activity and tried the workflow?


Nived N

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There are other ways to mitigate this. You can use path exists activity to find out if your file has been downloaded instead of waiting for the “No Report found” message.

Example: If the file you are downloading is “Yearly-Report-YYYY-VendorTaxID.xlsx” then you can wait until this file path exists for a certain timeout period. If the file is downloaded, then the path will exist and your robot will respond within the timeout period. If not, you can conclude that the report does not exist.

Conclusion: If there is another way to do things, do not rely on visual signals.

I tried reducing Timeout it works well during 1st transaction but after that, during 2nd transaction, it is showing an error “On Element Appear - Notification bar: Activity timeout exceeded”(Activity to check download pop up existence).

I was asking to check with element exists

And reducing the timeout in it .

Try that

I had done that, reduced the timeout of element exist activity to 5 sec and 1st transaction executed in less time, but it’s throwing error of activity timeout during 2nd transaction just after that elemet exist activity.