Generate Data Table Using Spaces and New Lines

I am trying to generate a data table using the ‘Generate Data Table’ method. I want to use spaces as column separators and line breaks as the row separators. I can’t seem to get either to work, and my data table is empty. I can’t attach a file because I’m a new user, but the data I’m working with is below.

“John Doe
Jane Doe”

Column Separator = " "c
Row Separator = Environment.NewLine

Any help would be much appreciated; thanks!

hi @Kevin_Watttest.xaml (5.4 KB)
Try This ! And Let me know if there are any queries.

Hi @YashV,

Thanks for getting back so quickly! There’s an error with your file reading “Activity could not be loaded because of errors in the XAML.” It’s only displaying the “Output Data Table” and “Write Line” activities.



I hope you have installed the required packages!
If not then press ctrl+p to see the packages you have!

I am uploading the screenshot of Properties of Generate Data Table!
and also the output of the given workflow!
Have a look and do let me know!

You’re the best! Thanks Yash. Only problem I have now is I’m not displaying the CSV Parsing field under formatting options. Any idea why that might be?

Do you know the package required? I have everything available downloaded as of now.

can you please upload the screenshot of your properties section!

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Hey! Check Whether You have The Given CSVHelper package installed.
Make Sure to uncheck the filter activities,while searching.
Screenshot attached

Thanks Yash! I’ve had that installed and running, but I still don’t see the CSV line coming up in properties. I’ve gotten an applied version of the project with a larger range to work with some success, but it’s missing spaces and not properly creating the columns. Any idea why this might be?

Could you please share the workflow of the project you are talking about!