Generate Data Table - Column Separator not working right

With a few activities I get a Text from an E-Mail like that:
"Firmenname: GIG Fassaden Gmbh
Adresse: Industriestraße"
"Firmenname: PSA Payment Services Austria GmbH
Adresse: Rennweg"

I then use the “Generate Data Table”-Activity to do just that.
(Column Sep. is Empty; NewLSep. is “Environment.NewLine”)

In a for each row I use MessageBox with row.Item(0).ToString & row.Item(1).ToString.

#1 prints:

  1. MB: Firmenname: GIG Fassaden
  2. MB: Gmbh

#2 prints:

  1. MB: PSA Payment Services Austria GmbH
  2. MB: (empty)

I tried to enter for ColumnSeparator: “Nothing” but it didn’t work.

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For anyone wondering: The activity does not work properly and has not received any fixes.