Problem with Generate Data Table Activity

I have problems to generate a data table from a text with the Generate data table activity.
Columns are not generated correctly, rows are joined in a column.

image (13.3 KB)



From my experience, the Generate Data Table is glitchy. You could try Chr(9) instead of vbTab. You could also try using a different delimitter in your text. It still might have problems though, cause I always have problems with it.

As a workaround, you can use Write Text file with .XLS (tab-delimitted) or .CSV (comma-delimitted) extension. Then, Read CSV or Read Range to convert data to data table.





The original behavior/requirement for this activity was to generate a data table based on how the text is visually perceived(based on the “looks”). That’s why this activity is automatically generated when using the Generate Table feature in the Screen Scraping window.

But, as Clayton said, it is glitchy and a known issue for us. We’ll figure it out for the next release.

ID: 5520

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Thanks to both, creating the csv with comma I tried it and it worked, but I wanted to do it directly without creating a file.
I will use that method seeing that it is a mistake to generate it directly.