General question about windows in Studio and their size

I’m actually working on a part where I read a csv file into a table and than putting each row into a queue. Therefore I’m filling in “iteminformation” and there I have to fill in serveral rows. So far…
There I find an extremely annoying behavior: I enlarge the window to my needs so that I can read and fill in the things that I want. If I now click into the “value” column the whole windows shrinks back to his original size. Why, !#@ß&()! are you doing that? This behavior is not only here also other small windows are doing so, without the need of doing that. In my opinion, we all now have a big monitor so please switch off this function that resizes the window. If this is not possible in general, please implement an option in the Studio settings where the user can switch on and off that resizing.

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Hi @martinN,
Can you show screenshot examples? I would test it by myself.

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Ok, here I will explain with screenshots.
I start editing a file “readExcel”.

Now I want to edit the collection of the activity “Add queue item” and click the tree dots on the right.
After that click the “ItemInformation” window is opened in standard size.

I enlarge it to my needs and add a new line at the bottom and fill in the first column.

If I now click into the column “Value” in the same line the window shrinks to the original size.

This drives me crazy!

kind regrards