Resize Sequence window in ActivityBuilder

Hi there,

been looking, but can’t find any topics on the subject.

Is it possible to resize the “boxes” inside the gui? By this, I mean the boxes for e.g. Assign, type into, and so on.

Its too narrow. I want wider workspace to view what I have written without opening editor time to time just to see the contents.
Window percentage won’t help because they also increase text size.

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Erdenetulga Bilegdemberel


But for a faster if you want to see the content you can hover to the value where it can be displayed

Hope this may help you


Hi @Erdenetulga_B

You can try like this

As @Srini84 said you can just hover on the content you can view the entire value

Here you have 2 methods either you can view by using properties


@Sudharsan_Ka @Srini84 I know both methods. I’m just wondering if there is settings for widening the sequence window within Activity Builder. Just to be able to quick glance.
Guess not then.
Thanks anyway.

We don’t have this today. But thanks for the suggestion, I will add it to our tracking tool.

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Yes please. It will be major quality of life improvement.

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