Arguments resize


on workflow invoke the arguments window does not retain size

Steps to reproduce:

  • invoke a workflow with arguments
  • click on import arguments
  • resize the window
  • click on one of the arguments’ input box

Current Behavior:

  • the window jumps to the original size (see video)

Expected Behavior:

  • window should retain the size

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

Last stable behavior: never
Last stable version: none

Tested on Studio 19.4.2 / Win 10 Enterprise and Studio 18.4.4 / Win Server 2012


Hi @c.ciprian

What is your UiAutomation package version. On 19.4.2, it seems to expand the window when clicked into the Value field.

Hi @loginerror,

This is the latest version on which I have tested and made the clip on

Some interface elements are dependent on this package:

Could you check your project with the latest version?

Yes, it has the last version for this package.