UiPath arrow lines became invisible after applying new version of .NET Framework

I’ve installed a .NET Framework version 4.7.1. Now there are no visible arrow lines at flowchart in UiPath Studio.
UiPath Studio 2017.1.6522 \ OS Version: Win 10 Pro



Have you tried to reinstall Uipath?


Hi Lucas! Yes I have with the different versions of UiPath

I think that Uipath may not be compatible with .NET Framework 4.7. I’ll confirm that to you.

But is the Framework 4.7 really necessary?


I’ll try to downgrade a version of .NET Framework at the moment, but 4.7 is the latest version and it is possible to see it on the customer’s computers.


The customer’s computers have the same Uipath Version/Windows Version?


I have the .Net Framework version 4.7.02046 \ OS Win10 Pro and it works as intended. Try after uninstall to delete all UiPath folders from %localappdata% and then reinstall.


I have no idea what’s happend to my computer. Two problems: invisible lines and communication error with browser (wrote another topic of the forum). It is just on the one computer. I tried to delete all UiPath folders from %localappdata% and then reinstall it. Unsuccessful.

@octopus, I wish you luck with this. I just installed .Net Framework version 4.7.1 from the offline installer on Win10 Pro, and I don’t notice any different behavior. The arrows are definitely still there.

I’ve solved the problem by downgrade of .NET Framework after patch KB4033393 (.NET Framework 4.7.1) has been uninstalled