G-Suite Read Range Activity


Using G-suite Application scope and Read Range Activity, I am trying to fetch google sheet data. My google sheet has 300+ records of rows and 30 columns. So when I use Read Range activity, I can able to fetch only certain amount of rows, am not able to get all the rows. In my case since I got 310 rows, in my uipath datatable has only 120 records. How to overcome this problem.


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Is any range mentioned Monish
And also check whether right sheet is is mentioned in READ RANGE

Cheers @monish06

I have checked even though am getting only the first 60 records. I have attached the excel file for reference, I even downloaded the file and created a datatable in uipath, even for that I am getting only the first 60 records.

Transcode Reference Table.xlsx (30.4 KB)