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I’m working on a project with mainly I’m using files from a Google Drive, and I’m facing a issue with the Read Range Activity the “range” property. Usually when a use “Workbook Read Range” activity if i put on the range “C1” it will read all the sheet starting from that cell, But with the “GSuite Read Range” if I put “C1” it will only read that one cell.
Does someone has any clue on why is this like this? How i can achieve the same result as a normal Workbook Read Range but with the GSuite? Let me know if you can figure out this Challenge.

Thank you for your attention.

@Luis_Fernando In read range activity please give start of range as well as end of range.

Could you give an example of how would you declare that?


Here I am reading a file by giving range, I am raeding A1 cell to B3 only 2 columns and 3 rows

@Luis_Fernando sorry I am little bit late

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@raja.arslankhan jajaj i knew the solution had to be that simple.
Thank you very much @raja.arslankhan !

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