How to make Read Range Activity read only the last 100 rows?

I am using Gsuite Read Range activity to read the range from a google sheet,

The data i need to extract is recent, but i cannot specify a Range, because the sheet keeps growing all the time.

So, How do i make the Read Range Activity read only the last 100 rows?

Try the below logic
get total data count
Ex-if the total count is - 2500
Step-1: do - 2500-100=2400- So it range starts from 2401
Step-2: Row starts from 0 while reading data. So you can give the range like ‘A2400’

Please try this way of logic.
It may helps . Mark as solution if it works

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Try this logic, you will able to resolve your query.

  1. create an asset in orchestrator
    2)Whenever you using Read Range there you will count on how many rows present in DT using DT.Rows.Count.Tostring…So, you will get the last read range of values then update those values to Asset.
    3)for the next time, you can specity the range by using the asset values

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