Fuzzy selector on web not working


I am trying to automise certain processing of Amazon Logistics. For this, first I am getting all the details as per the image, in a table. Then I have to click on “REVIEW” on each row. I tried using Fuzzy selector with Chromium API and other options. With fuzzy, it gives error

Click ‘Review’: Multiple similar matches found.
Could not uniquely identify the user-interface element for this action.
Edit the element, run Validation, and add anchors in order to ensure the element is uniquely identified.

If try with strict, then it clicks on only one of the rows which is specified in the selector. I also tried using variable in Strict slector window but didn’t help.

If need be, I am open to use .net code but then please help me with that.

You should use For Each UI Element. It’s designed to get similar items from the page and loop through them.

@postwick apreciate if you can elaborate.

I added a variable in strict selector and it worked for sometime and then it again started giving the error.

I’m not sure how I can elaborate. Instead of trying to data scrape and loop through the rows building a selector, just use the For Each UI Element activity. It lets you designate the similar elements to loop through (ie loop through all the Review buttons and click them)

THanx Paul. It worked. :+1:

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