Dynamic fuzzy selectors

Can anyone help me to make dynamic fuzzy selectors to iterate through each row.

Fuzzy selectors

It is looping through same row for multiple times.

Could you pls provide some more details of the task

From Website, I have to Select order numbers and I am using click activity. By Click Activity, It is only select click order (First order).

I have to go through each order from the page and next page too. I am not able to do this by creating variable also. I have newer version of studio so, there are fuzzy selectors also, which I never used before.

Help me to make selectors dynamic to iterate through each order.

If I understood you correctly, the selectors don’t iterate on their own. By design your click activity will match the first element only.

If you want to iterate through all, you need a loop and the click activity inside the loop with the variable. Is this what you have or did I get confused?

Yes, that’s correct. But I am confusing how to iterate and which variables to use. Would you mind to provide me sample .xaml or sample of activities to use? That would be great help.

You can either do DataScraping/Table Extraction to get all your possible order numbers in a datatable:

Once you have that, you can do

for each row in your_datatable:
WebOrderID = row(“column_for_orderID”).tostring()
click activity (using the same dynamic selector you have in the screenshot)

Another way would be to do use find children activity on order numbers
and then doing the for each loop to click

The last way would be to add idx attribute to your selector, and incrementing idx to iterate. Using idx is least preferable but if you can get a unique enough selector, i don’t see why not

I am using the first way as you mentioned but somwhow it is opening only first record.

Fuzzy selectors need any changes ?

test.xaml (13.2 KB)

Try this sample workflow to get started.

These were my dependencies in case you get dependency errors:

Sure and thanks a lot.