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Hi Team,
I need help . I have an excel file and need to match on “Name” or “email” to see which one’s are similar.
Can you please help?

Thanksfuzzy.xlsx (9.7 KB)

If you want to get the duplicate Or repeated values from “Name” and “Email” column then use this below linq query, @srinivas_pradeep
(From d In dtData
Group d By k=d(0).toString.Trim Into grp=Group
Where grp.Count >1
Select grp.toList).SelectMany(Function (x) x).CopyToDatatable

Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

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Than you @Manish540 . Actually i am looking for the words which are similar but not exactly the same . For e.g Kamato limited is same as Kamatoo limited. Both are similar but one extra “o” there. But the bot should identify and provide a score. is it possible to share a workflow ? thanks

have a look here:

maybe this helps to detect similar names. Just explore and once it matching your needs we can help to integrate it into a solution approach

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Hi @ppr ,

Thank you so much. This would be helpful for sure. I have two excel file . Please find attached which i am trying to do a fuzzy match on below conditions. Also the workflow i am creating in uipath. if you can further help me with this development would be really helpful.

  1. Compare the two files and find
    a - same vendor number, same vendor name but different email id.
    b - same vendor number, same email id but different vendor name

The final data will be exported to new excel file.

Thanks,Identifying mismatch.xaml (8.1 KB) Invoice_ext_file.xlsx (16.6 KB) Master.xlsx (9.7 KB)

Hi @ppr ,

Please let me know your views,