How to Match columns of two different excel files and send an email

hello guys!
i need your help please
actually i have to compare column name of excel 1 with excel 2 which has the same column as name and when the column name of the values matches with one another then i have to send an email to the respective mail ids which is given in the next column.

Hi @kaavya

for to compare columns are same we can do one thing do like this dt1.columns.contains(“vaue1”) and dt2.cloumns.contains(“value1”) then do your process.

values will be keep changing so how is it possible giving oly value1 and the flow is like it should check for all the values present under the column with another excel file

you want to check column name or column values

leave name lets take it (id no) column so now have to check from excel 1 how many ids are matching with the excel 2 ids so if two to three ids are matched then have to send an predefined msg to those matched ids of respective contacts which is mentioned in the next contact column

okay…so as per my understanding excel 1 ids are need to check with excel 2 if any id matching with excel 2 then we need to contacts which in the next column right ?for this try like this loop the excel1 dt and then you will get id’s so for each id use linq query on excel2 dt to get the value of contacts"id ='"+row("id")+"'").FirstOrDefault("contacts").tostring

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thank you i will try and let you know

could you explain it by coding?

Sorry @kaavya for the late replay means you want to know about the linq queries.