Difference between Screen Scraping, Web Scraping and Data Scraping

Please Tell me the actual difference among these above Scrapping types, because we can use similarly use all of these.

There are two main types. Screen scraping can be used to extract raw text as a string value from any element, image or region in any application type; you can optionally convert it into a DataTable structure if this is appropriate. It generates the activities Get Full Text, Get Visible Text or Get OCR Text, depending on your choices. Data scraping instead works only on (web) application data that is recognisable to UiPath as a table structure and only generates DataTable output. Instead of a whole table element or region, you select a single table cell; if the table can be scraped the wizard will then let you configure what to extract. This wizard creates an Extract Structured Data activity.

Screen scraping:

Data scraping:


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