FTP through a Proxy server

Hi All,

I need to upload file by FTP through a Proxy server, I couldn’t find proxy setting for FTP.
how can I make it?

This link may help you, @hadi2002

@Manish540, I’ve tried this, there is no proxy setting I have to set server, port, username and password

Whether you tried with Vb.net code, if not check this link below this may help you @hadi2002
VB.NET FTP through HTTP Tunnel (FTP over HTTP Proxy)

Hi @hadi2002 ,
did you find out any solutions? I have the same problem, that our enterprise network only allows ftp-session via a special proxy server.
Thank you

Hi @hadi2002,
I solved the problem another way: I got filezilla installed (https://filezilla-project.org/) and built a little .xaml to do my ftp work in that program instead of UiPath activities.

May be this would work for you, too?