Not able to connect to FTP server

I am not able to connect to FTP server.
While connecting to FTP server i am getting a below error:
With ftp session: The connection was terminated before a greeting could be read.

Can anyone help to resolve the issue?

i guess you are using FileZilla, you are connecting to implicit FTPS port 990.

If you also use this port in C#, you cannot use connection as FtpEncryptionMode.Explicit .so Use connection as FtpEncryptionMode.Implicit .

if your are already using FtpEncryptionMode.Implicit try to change to FtpEncryptionMode.Explicit and try visa versa

better use connection to port 21 and keep using FtpEncryptionMode.Explicit , if that port is available.

below is the one which i am using


I’m getting the following error when using With FTP Session. Any ideas?