FTP files transfer using Filezilla Client

Since FTP UIPath features are not working, I am using Filezilla for file transfer from local to the ftp server.
Can anyone provide an indication on how to select files from the local and to transfer on the remote server?
attached is the capture of the screen with the container of the files that must be manipulated.
thank you!

What about selecting all the files in the local directory with CTRL+A and then doing drag and drop?

By the way, what is the problem you are having with the FTP activities?

Hi Matheus
Thank you for your recommendation. I will try to use it and I will update the thread.

On the other side the problem with the FTP is related to the fact that:

  1. I cannot send file from the local folder to the ftp server using upload activity. I followed all the instructions and recommendations but nothing is transfered.
  2. I tried to use ftpsessiongen to store into a variable but I do not have any indication on how to use it not even how to see what is it;s value.

Best regards

Iā€™m having a similar error, when I use the verify file activity, it returns true, but when I try to download that same file it just does not do anything to me and it does not generate any errors

How to move all the files from one folder to another in FTP?

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