Copy text from website and insert into an excel sheet one by one


I am building a robot that goes throw an excel sheet with strings. It looks into a website where it inserts the string.
My problem now is:
I want to copy another string and insert it into my excel sheet.

Can I use the Get Full Text activity?
And how do I insert it into my excel sheet on the column right next to.

Many thanks in advance.

  1. You can use GetFullText for scrapping the data from a Page.
  2. You can able to append the data in to the excel if you know the range and Cell.

image is this the right function?
I have an actual excel sheet and I want to output this found string in B2 and the next found string into B3 and so on… How I do that?

Yes. Use this GetFullText

Increment the Range
Eg:- β€œB”+IntCount.ToString

Increment the IntCount as per your requirement and write the data in excel

How I actually write it into the excel?
Sorry i am totally new with Ui.
Many thanks in advance.

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Main.xaml (18.8 KB)
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use WriteCell Activity for this .

Writecell will write in a particular range.

Now it outputs the same excel sheet:
But it should insert the text which is from the GetFullText activitie.

Pass the value which you get with getFullText in Write cell .

Specify the correct range and sheet first

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Many thanks it works. But know it overwrites every time the place B2 but the next one should be in the place B3…
Many thanks in advance.

You need to increment the range so as to write the data in next cell.

where to mention this comment?
where in input text
( Eg:- β€œB”+IntCount.ToString)

Hi @Roshini_meera

We need to specify it in the write cell activity if we wanted to write to a particular cell

i have value from web (used get attribute) that need to write in the excel (used write cell activity)
if i mentioned particular cell range it do over write the next fetching value should write in next line
Eg: First value = C1, Second value in C2 and continue …

  1. Have a int value declared. Initially it should be 1
  2. In WriteCell , Specify C+IntCount.ToString
  3. Increment the value as per the count of records

this is not working
Get_Text is the value where i used in get attribute activity

You need to specify Intcount in Range


It throw an error β€œWrite Cell: The range β€œH”+intCount.ToString does not exist.”

can you please check whether you have given correct sheet name in the field.

can you please share the screenshot with workflow to help further