Move the DataTable to Word with the same formatting

Hi, could you please advise how to keep the same formatting of excel DataTable also in Word document. The Bold text for some cells. Thank you.

I dont know it will help or not just read data table using preserve formating and write in word.
Hope this helps.

you can try this

1.Use excel scope
2.Use excel file activity
3.use copy/paste range activity , in destination give as copy to clip board open the word file indicate/click the place using ui activities
5.send keys Ctrl+V to paste the value

Hope this is like a work around , if have some idea that you can do with word activities will be better but in the mean check for better solution

Edit : Better solution , seems this will solve your problem
After point 3 above try below steps

Use Word application scope
Use replace text or append text based on you requirement , just give empty input like “”
next use keyboard shortcuts activity - input as Ctrl+V , you can record the step

thats it , you will have the required format table pasted into word document