From Excel Check the "Yes" value and proceed for adjacent Column value

Please check the Snap shot.

I have an excel having 3 columns.
col 1 - code
col 2 - ‘Yes’ or Blank
col 3 - ‘Yes’ or Blank

If for that code(col) the col 2 value is ‘Yes’ then execute Demo.xaml
If for that code(col) the col 3 value is ‘Yes’ then execute Test.xaml

Yes Value

any idea would be appreciated

Hello @Gagan_Chaudhari ,

Here what you can do is.

Read the Excel file and you will get a Datatable
Use For each row in datatable activity
Use IF activity (CurrentRow(1)=“YES” AND CurrentRow(2)=“YES” ) Then execute both workflows using Invoke Workflow activity.
In the Else You can add another if CurrentRow(1)=“YES” AND CurrentRow(2) !=“YES” . Then invoke workflow Demo.xaml
again in the else add another if for Test.xaml.

So here nested If statement will work.

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