How Do I automate when there are multiple decisions

I have a spreadsheet with different Change requests. Here are the steps that I ma trying to Automate

  1. check Column “B” and if it is has the words “Change” then Proceed with further automation (get into multiple IFs
  2. IF Column Number 5 is “Change email” then execute number of steps
  3. IF Column Number 6 is “Change property” then execute number of steps
  4. IF Column Number 7 is “Change Region” then execute number of steps

What I have currently did was create new xaml for each of the change

Could you please help me in creating these decisions in the main xaml and invoke if any one is true ( currently I have if condition in each Xaml

Hello Uday Kiran,
it’s very simple. you have steps.
Just search in this forum you will find WF to read column data. adopt that WF and modify for your conditions.

Once you get column data then pass them into a string and compare with if condition.
similarly for all conditions.
Hope my inputs are useful.

Hello Kelchri,

Thank you for quick reply however, the file is not dynamic, I am saving it by the same file name (will be replaced everyday). Here is the detailed explanation

I download a file (Excel) which has a constant range in terms of columns (A:R)

As a first a step I need to Check column B and see if it is " change" then see what kind of change it is from each Column.

As in the attached file If Column “B” is = “Change” then start the process
then it have to check relevant columns F, G, I, J and K

if column F = “No changes” skip a sequence or skip xaml but if it has some data other than “No changes” then proceed with xaml the same way for highlighted columns.

Hope I am clear.sample vend.xlsx (9.1 KB)

I’m just chiming in that you might think about using a Flowchart design and use a Switch.

The idea would be to read the column, then enter the Switch and based on that value it takes a different direction.

Steps to perform (in a Flowchart) would be like this:

  1. Read Range to dt variable
  2. Use Sequence as start of loop that does…
    • Assign rowcount = rowcount+1
    • Assign value = dt.Rows(rowcount).Item(1).ToString
  3. Enter a Switch to go off in different directions
    - Condition is value.ToUpper
    - Change the text for each Case on the pathway to the Upper case of each value, such as “CHANGE EMAIL”, “CHANGE PROPERTY”, CHANGE REGION", etc
  4. Create steps or workflows to invoke for each pathway that can also at some point connect back together for similar steps
  5. At the end of the steps, direct the line back to the start of the loop Sequence that does rowcount+1

This is just a cool idea for designing the logic you were mentioning. The way the switch works is it looks at the value you stored and if it equals one of the paths it goes that direction; if it doesn’t equal any of the paths it goes to whichever path is the selected as the Default path.

Due to shortage of time, I cannot supply an example.

Hope this helps.



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Thank you so much will try this and come back if i have any questions. Thank you again.

Dear Clayton,

Sorry for the late reply I have tried for couple of days, not sure where I am doing wrong. when you have time can you share an example please?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Can anybody help me here