Using two sequece with For Each

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I am using the UiPath StudioPro 2020, and I would like to know how I can resolve this situation; I have a sequence with Build Data Table and For Each Row, and at the Main.xaml I have to check if the value is == 2015.

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Have you tried using the If condition? If row(0).ToString == 2015, inside then you put a message box with the message “It is 2015” and the same goes for the else part.


Hi @monsieurrahul
Your solution would work fine inside the dataSource.xaml, however, I want to check if is it equal 2015 out of dataSource.xaml file.
The verification must be at the Main.xaml

You mean you are using for loop in a different.xaml file and want to check the condition in a different one?

@monsieurrahul The right Image is that:

yes… exactly ! Is it possible?

Yes, it is!

Call your workflow inside the for loop’s body and pass the row(0).ToString as an argument to the workflow and inside the workflow, you can check the condition.

@monsieurrahul Rahul, Can you show me an example?

Here you go @tuliovrg: (17.7 KB)

Let me know if you are facing any issues!


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Hi Rahul @monsieurrahul, thank you!! But I think your example is the invert of it, isn’t it?

Okay @tuliovrg, can you do the modifications by yourself? Hope you got the gist of how to do it by passing arguments?

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