Foundation Certification

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I am unable to start the training for foundation, I have been trying for awhile now with no progress. Please help!


Hello @Lawrence_Roy, Welcome to the UiPath forum community!

Can you please specify what exactly is the issue you’re experiencing with the foundation training? Perhaps sending a screenshot would give us better insight and allow us to better assist you.

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Hey Can anyone please tell me how the RPA Associate exam results are calculated??
Overall should we get 70% to get pass or should get 70% on topic wise??
Please let me know asap…

@Chadalawada_Kanchana - Overall 70%.

I took the exam last month, so in some areas I have scored more than 80% and In some around 60%.

So by each topic wise Should we get 70%??
Over all 70%…???
Please can anyone clarify on this??

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@Chadalawada_Kanchana - I have already answered your question…not sure why are you asking the same question again ?

Got the uipath certification page , from there you can download a pdf which has all the details you are looking for …

I have scored 45/60 but did not passed in exam… I am not sure why…
Can any one tell me what is the minimum marks to pass the exam??

i believe its 42.

Okay Thanks

I have emailed them about my results…