Completed RPA Developer Foundation Training But haven't received Completion Certificate

I have completed “RPA Developer Foundation Training” on 27-12-2019. I have also submitted the Course survey which appears a last topic in the course.

I am able to see the course completion message but not able to find any option to get the certificate.

Can someone please help me in this?

It took a lot of efforts to complete the course and without certification, all of it is worthless.!
I have upload the screenshot for better understanding.


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You can do some inquiries in their technical support ,But this week is holiday.Kindly see the article below for your reference. @Pavan_Kadam

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I hope you are talking about new course RPA Developer Foundation Training.

If yes then for this they didn’t provide any certificate at the end of the course. That’s why you are not able to see it.


Thank you Lakshman for the clarification. Appreciated.


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