Diploma Certificate on Business Analysis Foundation

Hello All.

A question, I finished the Business analysis foundation program on UiPath, but my program status is showing 50% though I completed the Quiz as well as the feedback, got credits too. I want to get the certificate. Can anybody tell me, what is the problem!

Thank you

@Vibhs_V - just cross check again whether status COMPLETED changed for 2 types

RPA Business Analysis Fundamentals UiPath Academy

RPA Starter - UiPath Academy

In case any parts not change Completed just try again go through it and then percentage will change.

Thank you Truong!!

It worked! I tried on different browser, though it stopped where it stopped on Chrome but atleast explorer finished the the course, unlocked it! This is the second time it happened with me on chrome, google chrome browser is not reliable:-((

Whoever has query like me, hope this helps!

Thank you anyway!