Forum Newsletter - New Year Edition

Welcome to our monthly UiPath Forum Newsletter!

First an foremost, Forum team wishes you all a happy New Year. Let it be the best one you ever had!

In the past year we have all come a long way, and that is also true for our UiPath Forum. Since our last newsletter, we were given plenty of positive and constructive feedback about our role in democratizing RPA. You really like to know the details, ask us questions about what we do and embrace our Forum and its inherent relation with our other platforms and products. We have a lot of ideas we want to bring to life. We hope that you share our excitement as we enter the new year 2020. Please stay tuned!

Better tags page

We revamped the Forum Tags page to better display our tag groups. These help us and our Community Moderators to clearly categorize all our topics.

In fact, our dedicated Community Moderators are crushing it and add tags to each new topic since the beginning of November. With our crazy new topics volume, we will soon expand the Community Moderator ranks.

UserVoice category fresh look

We updated the list of tags on the User Voice category page and updated them visually. The way it was done now makes them look better, scale better and allows us to quickly modify the list in the future (previously it required a new image file per each tag).



Feedback framework

We like user feedback a lot. This is why we created a solid framework on how to process feedback from our Community users. This means that feedback will now be automatically added from Forum and our Studio “Send Feedback” option to our internal tracker.
We want to make sure the voice of our users is quickly reaching all our Product Managers :slight_smile:

Auth0 - next steps

Auth0 implementation is on the way. We are currently testing everything to deliver it as soon as possible.

Forum presence in Bucharest

@Pablito made an engaging presentation about our UiPath Forum during the Bucharest meetup. It was a mix of Forum statistics, our mission statement and a warm invite to join us.

Feel free to check out here for the latest news about our official meetup groups :slight_smile:

Please introduce yourself! :slight_smile:

If you ever wondered who is our UiPath Forum for, please checkout this topic.

You are welcome to introduce yourself and share your RPA story with everyone. This way we can learn more about each other to be able to better understand your needs.

Join our UiPath Forum!

If you haven’t already, start your Forum journey now by clicking the image button :slight_smile:

If you ever need assistance with our UiPath Forum, don’t hesitate to contact us by messaging @Forum_Staff.
@loginerror and me are doing our best to make your Forum experience better every day :slight_smile:


HI @Pablito,
Best wishes in New Year to you.

Looking forward to see improvement in processing feedback.



Do you have the road map plan for meet up 2020. We are very eager to meet the meetup.In my opinion , Of course Meet up is the place to get new things , features and direct interaction with UiPath People. More over it is place to meet the UiPath developers and share their experience with them selves. It is also a place to talk directly with them. The meetup (Technical) should be contacted only by UiPath. Then only we can able to get the full advantages.

Thank you


Hi @J0ska,
Improvement is already on the way :slight_smile:. We have done some automation on our side.


Hi @balupad14,
Great question :slight_smile:. Let me invite here someone who will have more information than me :slight_smile:


Yes. Last time my team missed her in the Meet Up. Because she didn’t come . Let us pull(fun) @DeaTo in our topic…

Thank you


Heeey everyone :slight_smile: We do have plans for Lisbon this year, at least 2-3 meetups there. @Nuno_Durao is hopefully going to support in doing them, @balupad14, your involvement would also be very welcome! I am also looping in the marvellous @Luiza on this topic as she is the Regional Community Manager in EMEA and I’ll be away from work for a year in maternity leave :slight_smile:


Great newsletter! :smiley:


If you guys come to monterrey let me know please!

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