We have more than 100,000 users, woo-hooo! 🚀

We have more than 100,000 users, woo-hooo! :rocket:

We have recently crossed a major milestone of 100,000 Forum users. We have trouble finding words for how honored we feel to have such an engaged community of users passionate about automation and always ready to help one another.

Our Community was always at the forefront of our Forum. When we created it almost five years ago, it was a place where you could chat with our developers and let them know about an obscure bug that you found. With time, we were welcoming more and more users every day. In an effort to give structure to the emerging chaos, @andrzej.kniola, one of our early Forum participants, created a guide on How to ask a good question?.

Since then, we welcomed many true power users who joined our Forum and offered their time, while relentlessly helping others. You know who you are. Please share your UiPath story below. We’d love to read it!

Eventually, your contributions became so significant that we decided to reward the most tenacious Community members with a special title. This is when our MVP program was born:

We have since welcomed many new MVPs in 2020 and 2021.

Naturally, it’s been quite a journey for all of us. We’ve had to learn how to best facilitate the exchange of knowledge happening here every day. To allow you to only ever need one account while working with UiPath software, we have redesigned our Forum look and integrated it with our Automation Cloud. We’ve also made sure our categories are easier to use, with our New Topic Wizard. A big shoutout to Discourse for always accommodating the craziest of our wishes and never leaving a question unanswered.

Throughout this journey, one thing remained unchanged — our approach to Community feedback and the constant dialogue with our users throughout our development process. We are always happy when you tell us to fix or improve our features, and we have even built several automations that help us integrate this Forum with our internal tools. This makes it easier to keep track of all the bugs and all the improvements that you’re kindly sharing with us every day. In fact, what used to be just Studio, Robot, and Orchestrator has grown into a list of products that would be too long to mention here — all thanks to your feedback and support throughout the years.

We want to thank you all for your contributions. Your willingness to help other users and to share your ideas drives our Community and is invaluable to us. We hope you’ll continue to contribute your knowledge in years to come.

As a small token of our gratitude, we will be granting a unique badge to the first 100,000 users who joined our Forum. It is a one-time badge. Enjoy!

We will continue to improve your experience and, as always, welcome all the feedback you want to give us about our Forum. Let us know below what you like and what could be improved. There are no crazy ideas here. We want to read anything you have for us!

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our Community space at community.uipath.com, where you will learn more about our Community and all incoming Community events and initiatives.

You are all amazing! Tag your fellow Forum users who helped you throughout the years, and let’s celebrate this milestone together! :love_you_gesture:


Congratulations UiPath Forum team @Forum_Staff and all community users.



Congratulations to every community member who made this happen! :partying_face: :rocket:

Joined the forum clan over 4 years ago and ever since day 1 the community members have always made me comfortable to not shy away from asking any questions however trivial it may be. There is always someone who knows the answer!

@badita has been one of the early mentors answering any technical questions about the product and took constructive feedback and made it a point to get the valid requests to the Product backlog. @andrzej.kniola took the time to layout a basic guide for the new community members to avoid redundant questions and have a better forum experience; while @ovi was actively supporting and encouraging all the community members with updates and announcements.

Couldn’t thank enough my fellow developers who never let us down on any technical questions when there were limited resources available. Walking down the memory lane, here a few members (some of them are my friends now) that I am thankful for helping me in my early days of RPA learning journey - @ClaytonM , @aksh1yadav, @richarddenton, @vvaidya, @ddpadil, @Susana, @acaciomelo, @beesheep

Over the years I made some more friends that are so willing to help and sometimes making me wonder if they have clones or robots working for them - Because they are always available to help! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: - @Lahiru.Fernando @Syed_Pasha @arivu96 @FrankSchikora @Eduard_Shlepetskyy @nerlichman @afe.araromi @Palaniyappan @balupad14 @Pablito @tracydixon @alp.uguray @rajaneesh @Anmol_Yadav @Priyanka_Bhalere @Radomir_Ivankovic

Last but not the least @loginerror has been a constant support to the community helping everyone on the forums.

Cheers and Happy Automating! :clinking_glasses: :sparkler: :tada:


Wow , This is Incredible. Kudos to the Team and Congratulations :star_struck:

Got my Badge :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Congratulations UiPath Forum team @Forum_Staff and all community users.


Congratulations! to the entire UiPath Community and @Forum_Staff
It’s such a great achievement. It’s really a very strong platform.

I have received my badge :star_struck:

Thanks & Regards,
Apurba Samanta


Thanks for each and every one support Uipath Community.

Got my badge




As we say in french: “Hip hip hip, hourra !!!”
Proud to be among the 100.000 first users :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Well I started my journey on UiPath Forum in 2019 as a student (with another account @hiba.beldi), by asking questions as I was discovering UiPath tools - at that time there were only the trio Orchestrator-Studio-Agent.
Since then, UiPath has evolved, and lots of people have helped on the forum, I remember specifically @Pablito @loginerror @balupad14 @ppr @NIVED_NAMBIAR @prasath17 and many others: thank you !
As all relations are based on give and take, I ended up having a small experience to help the others on their own specific issues: a refreshing experience ! :grin:
Also, thanks to the help of @Syed_Pasha @Vibhor.Shrivastava and @DeaTo we are trying to gather the french RPA enthusiats into uipath french community so that we spread our enthusiasm, with @aroua.jouini @reda @mz3bel @Abdelaziz_Zaiter and @ManFranco

What about holding an event or a video that gather UiPath Forum active members ? I think that any member of UiPath Forum would be glad to know what is the story of those that help us !!!


Congratulations! to the entire UiPath Community and @Forum_Staff
It’s such a great achievement. It’s really a very strong platform.

I have received my badge :star_struck:


new achievement of my badges.
thank you



Congrats to all. UiPath forum is such a wonderful place, and people here so amazing.

I always got very awesome advice whenever i got stuck in any automation problem.

Keep Growing, Keep learning.





Thank you :slight_smile: :star_struck:


That picture brings back lot of memories. #GoodOldDys :love_you_gesture:



I always knew it was a matter of time to this Community get this big! And it’s just the beginning! I’ll always remember the good times I had with each one of you <3

You guys rock!

Love you all!


Congratulations to everyone for the big milestone.


UiPath Forum, the place where I began my journey in RPA. :slight_smile:

I joined in the forum in early 2019, when I first heard about UiPath and RPA. The Academy and the Forum is what helped me to grow… The foundation for everything I know today on RPA is our amazing forum. It’s so nice to see how this awesome family is growing day by day…

I still remember, we were/ are in a gang that made this forum addicted to many… We shared the knowledge, we had so much fun (in random section of the forum :wink: ) and it is the best place to be…

Continuing the liveliness, kindness, friendliness, and doing a bit of extra to support every fellow member is one of the unique values that I see here… and this is not the case in many other…

Great work and congratulations to everyone for growing this amazing community!!!

Really proud to be a part of this family!!



Congratulations! to the entire UiPath Community… :clap:
It’s a Great Platform. Proud to be a part of this community.