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I am not able to see “create test case” option in uipath 2020.10.2 community edition. do i need to install anything? what could be the solution? please help me

Gu @Gopi_Arumugam

Please go to your Studio settings and switch your Studio profile to Studio Pro. That should fix it :slight_smile:


I just want to know how long posted massages retains in this forum…
Could you share the answer to my question?

gorby from Japan

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Indefinitely :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone,
I am an using UiPath for a year now and this forum was helpful many times.
I joined the community to be more interactive and ask questions directly.

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Can you help with this topic: Communication between UiPath Studio and the Taxonomy Manager ended unexpectedly

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Hlo ,Every RPA developer.I had a problem uipath.credential.activities is throwing exception after installing it from manage package.

What is the exception?

Hello! I’m new to RPA and believe it’s the future of work. I’m learning UiPath to update my business analysis and project management skills. This new path forward is exciting, and I can’t wait to learn more.

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Can you please guide me to find the option to ask question , I am not able to find it somehow .

Hi @ayewale

Feel free to navigate to Forum front page and then use this button:

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Could you please help me with below question,