Forms Radio button not taking dynamic values

Hi Team,

After the recent forma upgrade Radio button which used to take dynamic values in now not taking it and we are only able to give static radio button values

Previously - If the field key of radio button element is var1…when we give the input argument as var1_dropdown it would take the list values passed to the variable in forms collection

Current - Field key value if placed as var1_dropdown it is not displaying the dynamic values. The values which are filled in data fields are only displayed which are static values that we give

Field key :

Forms collection:

Form in Action Centre:


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Hi @Anil_G ,

Could you also mention the Studio and Dependency versions used ?





Hello @Anil_G and @supermanPunch;
I am also having the same issue. On youtube and Community forum all examples are with old version of UiPath form. Now with new form with set values and get values i guess everything changes. I a
If you guys have an example with new version on dynamic input radio, Can you please share? Your help is really appreciated.