How to Create Dynamic Radio Options? | Forms Activity

I am creating an activity where the options for a Radio Component is dynamic, meaning it changes depending on the result of some activities. Is it possible on UiPath.From.Activities.FormActivity? If so, how can I implement this?


Hi @omokage23

Add an input argument in FormFieldsCollection according by radio component name and value.
Please refer to the following example.


I’m having a very similar issue as the OP.
No matter what I try, I cannot pass a variable through to Radio Buttons/ Select Boxes, etc
Looking at the Output File from the form, if I hard code the Labels, they are output as a string array. I’ve tried passing a different string array INTO the Radio/Select Box module but this does not populate the labels at all.


Thank you for your suggestion. It will be useful for me in the future but it is not the solution I am looking for. This solution is just for selecting a pre-determined radio options. My problem is I need to have radio options generated on run-time.

There is one more issue

If unable to get more than 7 input fields in jsonoutput while form submission

You can solve like this