Formatting options in Get Full Text



Please help me out in the following.

I have a window attached where I need to extract data in the form of tables in the same format as in the window so that I can extract and save it in a text file in a proper readable format.

If I use Get Visible text activity, formatting is possible and the exact picture of what I need is achieved but it did not extract the contents which is hidden ,i.e I need to scroll down.

If I user get full text, the entire data is returned but in a irregular format.

PFA where Image 1 : Full_Text returns data without formatting, but the entire content.
Image 2 : Visible_text returns data in the format I need, but not the entire content.

Requirement : Complete data with required format.

Please help.




Please try to use the Data Scraping wizard, which you can find on the main toolbar next to Screen Scraping, as well as in the Recording bar under Text > Scrape. It will try to identify the table and extract it all at once, otherwise it lets you manually identify and name the columns you want to extract.


Hi @nithin2304,

After getting the string using environment.newline split into to array then Loop through it then split using tab ‘/t’ to split the column values and append it into datatable.

Else try this way refer below path