Formatting date column

Hi Team,
I need help. I have the date as in the below format.

I would like to change the format to the below one

Please let me know how to do this,


looks like the same scenario

e.g. reformatting

Or Prepending Apostroph trick

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adding one more post which you can refer.

I think Format cell activity can be used easily in this case.

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Hi @ppr ,

Thank you so much . But i am not replicate.

Can you please share the .xaml? Below is the attached excel file.
ask_uipath_format.xlsx (8.8 KB)

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

Thank you. I am trying something like this . But not working.

Hi @ppr @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

Please let me know if anything i am missing,


Try :

Hi @Vaibhav_Rajpoot_17 ,

Thank you for the suggestion. Can you please let me know what will be the input here?
i have to change the “Date” column in the attached excel file.


have a look here, especially at the provided description on how the datatable can be inspected within the immediate panel during debugging

:ambulance: :sos: [FirstAid] Datatable: Debug & Analysis invalid DateTime Strings / String to DateTime Parsing Issues - News / Tutorials - UiPath Community Forum

if really an OADate number is to handle, then we will convert it into a number as the method will work with numbers and not with strings


find the workflow:
Main.xaml (8.7 KB)

Let me know, if you have any other query.

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Thank you very much @Vaibhav_Rajpoot_17 .
It works perfectly.

have a nice day,

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