Csv file format is invalid - delimiter problem

Hi I am working on Bank statement csv format,
csv file has a Comma delimiter & in amount column contains comma instead of point for decimal number (& its bank format, fixed) sample csv file - 20201008_USD.zip (597 Bytes)
Any solution for this
Sometimes it runs but all data is in a single column,
sometimes it gives error Read CSV: The CSV file format for is invalid.

csv file open in notepad

it will work if you do not open csv file manually and read it directly inside your code with read csv file activity. And another solution is you read it as a string then get values line by line then separate data with “,” then create data table.

read csv activity is working but it put all data into a single column,
column count = 1

Hello @suraj23
As per your sample input text file, there are 2 table in your file.
You want to read them separately or in 1 datatable only?

let me check.

Hello @suraj23 give a try to below xaml and let us if your issue resolves or not
Main.xaml (10.7 KB)

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Hi Suraj,

Please see the attached workflow. It will return a Datatable which contain data starting from Remitter/Beneficiary till end. I have added log messages in the workflow so that you can make it dynamic according to your requirements.

Hope it will workCSV_DataFilteration.xaml (9.6 KB)

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